New Years Day 2020 sure seems like decades ago, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, this post won’t dwell on the fact that thus far, this year has been a steaming dumpster fire. Instead, let’s talk about reading goals!

You may remember Jae’s post about setting your reading goal. Now that we are half way through the year, do you need to adjust your initial goals? Are you woefully behind? Triumphantly ahead? It has been a strange 2020 thus far, so I think an adjustment of our reading expectations is a great idea at this point.

Steady daily reading progress is my norm, but like everything else right now, my reading habits are not normal. I don’t think I’m alone in the fact that reading books comes in fits and starts for me these days. It’s almost like a broken faucet—the water is either dripping or a cascade. No in between here.

Because reading is an escape for me, I have overall surpassed where I expected to be by this time, but the pages have been adding up in such strange ways. I can go a week and barely touch a book, then read nearly the entire thing in one sitting.

Here’s the thing about reading goals:  don’t make them miserable. More than ever, books should be an escape. This should be (for the most part) fun and stress-free. So give yourself some grace if there is no way you can meet the goal you set in January. No one could have predicted what life would be like this year. Six months in, take stock of where you are and adjust your goals accordingly. No matter your goal, I hope that books are bringing you comfort and joy.

Happy reading!


How about you? Have your reading habits changed? Are you reading the typical amount in an atypical manner? Have you been struggling to read anything at all? Please share in the comments!


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