We hope you’ll join us in this book challenge for our–and your!–yearly reading.

We each contributed a few items to the list, with the goal to vary our reading this year. This isn’t a prescriptive “read this book” challenge, or even a “read this book this month” challenge. Just a loose guide to maybe help you populate this year’s TBR list:

1) Lights, Camera, Action: Read a book that was made into a movie

2) Blast from the past: Read something written before you were born

3) Shelf control: Finally get to a book you’ve had on your bookshelf, unread, the longest

4) Get ‘er done!: Finish a series

5) Be the change: Read a non-fiction book about social justice

6) A is for Apple: Read a book whose title starts with the first letter of your name

7) Man’s best friend(s): Check out a book that involves animals of some kind

8) This one, too: Pick a book you’ve never read by an author you already like

9) Spread your wings: Get a book with a dragon

10) Open your mind: Read a book about someone who has a different background from you

11) Visit the past: Read a book considered to be a “classic” that you’ve always meant to read but never have

12) Judge a book by its cover: Pick a book with a beautiful cover without knowing what the story is about

If you participate, let us know which ones you’re reading for which category! We look forward to hearing from you about your TBR this year.

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