"She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live."

-Annie Dillard

Still impressionable. Still character-driven.

Amy has been passionate about reading as long as she can remember. The Hobbit and Little Women were the first books to really speak to her (then) impressionable soul. Since those early reading days her tastes have evolved and grown (though she’d still go ‘there and back again’ for an adventure, or sit by Beth’s bedside any day). 

These days her Goodreads TBR is packed with more books than one person could ever read. It includes everything from Elie Wiesel to Neil Gaiman, and Sabaa Tahir to Diana Gabaldon. With few notable exceptions (looking at you, westerns and horror!) she’ll read just about anything. 

If you’re looking for an advance reader for your new book, she loves well written, character-driven stories, particularly if they’re part of a series with a strong character arc.

Multiplying reading joy.

One of Aubrie’s first memories of reading is  her first grade teacher placing her in the remedial reading group dubbed the “reading bus”.  Riding the reading bus came with a host of taunts (because kids can be jerks), which did not endear reading to Aubrie’s heart.

Over the years, reading has become more a compulsion than a hobby.  The more Aubrie reads, the more she wants to read. Perhaps this avid reading is an attempt to prove those little naysayers, and her first grade teacher, wrong.

Although her enthusiasm for books cannot be contained by a single genre, Aubrie especially loves page-turning thrillers with unreliable narrators, memoirs of self-discovery, and sci-fi novels that evoke philosophical questions about the nature of reality.

She can often be found reading with her son, because reading joy shared is reading joy multiplied. She takes great pride in raising an avid reader and lover of libraries and bookstores. Cuddling up with her kid and a book makes her heart happy.

Named for a book character.

When you're named after a character from an SFF novel, you almost have to become a writer or librarian. Jae is a copywriter by trade, novelist by night, and prolific reader in every spare minute.

She believes strongly that you shouldn't 'judge a book by its cover' (though a beautiful cover helps!), nor should you espouse opinions about something until you've actually read or seen it. She also doesn't love star ratings because she believes the complexity that goes into a decision whether to like or not like something is deep and personal, and too many great stories miss finding their niche because people give too much creedence to whether it's got the requisite number of stars.

Genre-wise, she's willing to at least try to read *almost* anything, though her preference is fantasy and sci fi, particularly YA. In fact, she thinks lots of stories would be even better with a dragon.


"Why are these people qualified to write about the things on this site?" you might very well be asking yourself.

Let's dispense with the idea of qualification first. We like to read. We like to watch movies and TV. We like to say things that we think are hilarious and then laugh and laugh. We are terribly opinionated. And even though we don't have a ton of time to spare, we decided to write a bunch of stuff down to share with you. Yes, you!

Qualified doesn't really enter in to the equation. In fact, if you take one thing away from this site, please take with you the notion that it's okay to have your own opinion about things, but that you should actually partake in those things before developing said opinion. That is, you don't have to ask critics how to feel about a book, you just have to read the book and decide how YOU feel about it.

So if we ARE in any way qualified, it is because we have actually read/viewed/seen/experienced the things we're writing about, and made our own decisions about them.

"And who, in fact, are these people?" it would also be fair to ask.

We're "regular" people, if that's even a thing. That is, we're people. Not aliens masquerading as people. Don't even worry about it. And forget you read that. Where were we? Oh, yes, we're people. People who enjoy things, and have opinions. Those opinions may not match with yours, and that's okay. That's what makes the world go 'round.

We've put a lot of work into this, and hope you enjoy it in any small way. And that's really all you need to know about that.

"Why 'infinite' distractions? I'm only seeing, like, four things on here." Again, you're so right to mention this.

We decided infinite made sense because every time we have a conversation we end up diverging and diverging to (almost) infinity. Our hope for the site is that you will also have fun conversations around these topics, and explore heretofore undiscovered (by you, anyway) facets of the ideas presented here.

For example, how does the fall of the Roman empire relate to velociraptors? We may never know, but if you have any ideas please feel free to share!

Therefore, while a post may start out referencing a book we're currently into and our particular thoughts on it, the conversation may end with why the movie version of a completely other book made us cringe, or why the main character would be well-served by the introduction of an anachronistic, Black Widow-style wrist shooter.

If you haven't gotten it by now, we will spell it out:  it's supposed to be fun. Whether you're distracted by one idea or infinite tangents, please have fun. Responsibly, of course. If velociraptors start showing up in textbooks on Ancient Rome, you'd better have some strong source material.