Today’s post was inspired by Aubrie who innocently asked me what subscription box I would recommend, and then I thought, “THIS is what I should write about this week.” By now, most people know about some type of subscription boxes (the ever-popular FabFitFun, or even HelloFresh) but you may not realize these services also exist in the book-ish world! So, today I’ll tell you what I know about a few of the various services available out there.

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Note: Services included in this list does not = endorsement. I only have personal experience with a few of these subscription services, only where specifically mentioned.

I’ve mentioned my love for YA books before, and as such I personally subscribe to a service called Owl Crate – and for the most part I really like it. Their boxes contain a signed hardcover of a new book, often with an exclusive dust jacket, and various book-ish items inspired by book fandoms. I’ve gotten items for fandoms from Lord of the Rings, Night Circus, Sarah J Maas books and other popular YA authors. I really look forward to receiving my OwlCrate each month, although the “bookish keepsakes” can sometimes be a bit hit-or-miss for me. Some of my favorite items I’ve received are the Harry Potter mugs (4 so far, in a series from an artist named Cara Kozik), Six of Crows socks, Darker Shade of Magic playing cards, and I’ve really enjoyed the flavored coffee from Bones Coffee Co that I’ve gotten in a few boxes, as well. You are welcome to use this referral link for OwlCrate if you’d like to give it a try!

Another service I’ve used is a company called IllumiCrate. My cautionary tale for this company is that this is a pricey, pricey service and part of that cost is that it’s a UK-based company. I LOVED their special edition V.E. Schwab box that came out for the release for her book Vicious, and I treated myself to this one because I LOVE V.E. Schwab. That said, their Special Edition boxes are amazing (and that link will show you exactly how amazing my box was) if you’re a hard-core fan of an author or series. If I lived in the UK I would probably subscribe to their monthly box, but… I consider this one a “special treat” box.

BookshipBox is another YA subscription, but this one is aimed specifically at adult readers (think stemless wine glasses rather than water bottles). This company does a quarterly subscription, like FabFitFun, so you’ll get a seasonally curated box of goodies along with your box. They’ve included items like scented wax tarts, throw blankets, coasters, and jewelry boxes along with a monthly read. This one’s a little pricey per-box ($50) but it’s a quarterly service and it’s chock-full of items, so there’s a trade off, there. There are a lot of good unboxing videos available on YouTube for this one.

Not a huge YA fan? NO worries, there are still plenty of choices out there!

Book of the Month is a super popular service. For this box, you pick between 5 curated titles and it’s shipped to you each month. They offer a nice variety of books – some are contemporary, some historical, some romance, some suspense and even some YA. This may be a good service to consider if you’re looking to expand your library without adding in a bunch of “stuff” to your life.

There are so many other options available out there – in fact, Oprah Magazine recently did a really comprehensive list with some different types of book subscription boxes. If none of my mentions tickled your fancy but you’re still interested in finding yourself a subscription for some fun book mail, you should check it out!

Is there a book-ish subscription box you’d recommend? Or do you have a cautionary tale of your own to share? Let me know in the comments!


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