There are several books scheduled for publication in the coming months that I am excited to read!

There are next-in-series and a few stand-alone releases that have hit my radar and I am looking forward to consuming. I thought I would share them with you, this week, so that you can join me in my joy and excitement!

First and foremost, we’re finally going to get Book 9 of the Outlander series! Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone finally has a release date, November 23, 2021! With the Revolutionary War on their doorsteps, the members of the Fraser family all have some big decisions to make. As with all of her books, I’m sure Gabaldon has tons of good, and terrible, things in store for us. I can’t wait!

Next on my list, is Simon Snow #3, Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell, which is scheduled for release on July 6, 2021. I’m both super excited and proactively sad that this is the end of Simon & Baz’s story. I’ve loved this series, I love these boys, and I’m hoping Rainbow Rowell isn’t going to break my heart with this one.

Maggie Stiefvater has been dangling Mister Impossible, book 2 of the Dream Trilogy for MONTHS, and we finally received a publication date (May 18, 2021!!). This the ongoing story of the Lynch brothers, which is deeply weird and interesting. I’m definitely going to be adding this to the top of the list once it’s released.

I wasn’t expecting to find out what happened to Ben and Arthur, but then I saw Adam Silvera (@AdamSilvera) tweet out that there is a sequel to What If It’s Us – and even better, Here’s To Us by Silvera, and Becky Albertalli, is scheduled for release on October 18, 2021. Will this be a “finding each other again after all this time” re-meet-cute, or… I’m looking forward to finding out!

The Hidden Place by Helene Wecker is the sequel to The Gollum & the Jinni, and is scheduled to be released on June 8, 2021. I really enjoyed the audiobook of the Gollum and Jinni, so on top of being excited for this new story, I’m also hoping that the audiobook narrator will be the same person.

I’m not sure how or where it hit my radar, but another one that piqued my interest is The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher, which is set to be published on October 5, 2021. In this one, a young woman who has spent her life trying to hide the strange things she can do as she bounces from home to home within the foster care system, and then one day an email from a friend takes her to Wile Isle, which may just hold the answers to all of the questions she’s had about who she is and why she can do the things she can do.

Are you looking forward to any of the books I’ve shared, or are they any others on your radar that you’re particularly looking forward to reading this year? Let’s talk about the upcoming books you’re most excited for in the comments!

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