I really like free things. I mean, don’t we all? So, my free book game is pretty strong lately. I’ve won at least 18 books this year from Goodreads. Yeah. 18! But there are also other free book rackets out there that you can get in on. It’s fun and I love getting random free bookmail. So here are some tips for the free book game!

For Goodreads, it’s pretty simple really. Just enter a lot of drawings. This is Jae’s free book strategy: “Enter more, win more.” And…it is true. I have entered HUNDREDS of Goodreads drawings. (This is evidenced by the way Goodreads auto adds every drawing book to your TBR). Goodreads has the process automated so it is very simple to enter, and you can do it while watching some Netflix, or while listening to an audiobook. I try to spend 30 minutes or so a few times a month just entering like mad. I also try to be sure that I leave a review and rating for the books I get for free. I mean, that’s the point of those books after all.

Another option is the Penguin Random House rewards program. Basically, if you buy PRH books, you earn points to get more books for free. The best part is that it doesn’t matter where you buy them, you can send in receipts from any bookstore or even from Book of the Month (see below). Here is where you sign up: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/rewards

And my final suggestion to up your free book game is to join Book of the Month Club. I could probably devote a post to why I love it, but the short of it is that you pick one new hardcover book per month from five fresh releases. It is around $14 a month. Then you can add on other new releases or past books at $10 each. Here’s where the freebies are: once you have ordered 12 BOTM boxes, you become a VIP. With that, you get a free add on book for your birthday month and a free copy of one of the crowd favorite Book of the Year finalists. But one of the fastest ways to get free books here is to get friends to join. For every friend that signs up, you get a free book. This is excellent when you have bookish friends. So, here’s my link just in case you decide to join. It really is worth it for reasons beyond the freebies, I promise.

Lastly, attending in person book events and conventions is also a great way to get freebies. Of course, Rona has really put a damper on this option. But someday I’d love to do it again. I’m STILL digging out of the TBR that came from my trip to BookCon (RIP to this amazing event) in 2019. And there are other options out there.

Hope this helps you up your free book game. Are there ways I haven’t mentioned? Let us know! We all want more free books!

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