We can hardly believe it’s been a whole year, with 80+ posts and countless hours spent on this labor of love. Happy Anniversary, Infinite Distractions!

In honor of our anniversary, we’ve compiled some of the posts we wrote over the past year so you can go back and revisit old favorites, or if you’re just joining us you can discover some of our earliest posts that are still new to you. Enjoy!


There’s a part of me that feels like this is a little bit “which is your favorite child” – which is why I spent quite a while pondering which posts I wanted to include in this little compilation. After giving it some thought, here are the posts that I like best of the ones I’ve contributed over the past year:

  • Sometimes the Struggle is Real, where I outlined the scenarios where walking away from a book might be your best bet, or when you may want to just abandon the physical book and give the audio a try.
  • Quotes I Love (Part 1) where my love for Magnus Bane and Jamie Fraser made their first appearances.
  • Book Subscription Boxes 101 where I shared my current subscription and taunted myself with several others that I may try at some point.
  • Seasonal Autumn Reads for People Who Don’t Like Horror also remains a favorite. Look, I want to read fun fall books, but other than true crime I’m basically a big NO THANK YOU when it comes to scary books. My suggested list of Halloween reads for scaredy-cats remains one I enjoy (and books I continue to recommend for the season).
  • I also really love our You Can’t Love ‘em All post where we all tell our truths about hyped books that just didn’t do it for us.

I’m excited to see what the next year brings to our blog, and what posts will be the stand outs for 2021.


I can’t believe it has been a year already! Picking my favorite posts was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, because hey we are our own worst critics. But even so, I was able to find a few I am particularly fond of:

  • Choose Your Own Vampire Adventure: I love vampire books, but didn’t quite realize my soft spot until I looked back at some yearly reading logs. Sometimes, you can still learn new things about yourself!
  • Book Review: Little Women: It took me way too long to read this novel, but it frustrated me just like the movie did. And the line, “Jo, why you so stupid?” is obviously among the most eloquent I’ve ever written.
  • Lessons From Charlotte’s Web: This book is just so near and dear to me. I will love it always and believe in its power to shape young minds.
  • Book Review: Fear Street (Classic): I had so much fun revisiting these. And am working my way through a related post for this October!
  • Literary Moms We Love: I am a fan of all of the posts where the three of us talk about characters we love. This one is no exception.


With Infinite Distractions as one of my driving forces, the past year has been an interesting year, a fun year, a learning year, and a year of deadlines. We each deliver a full post once every third week, and a TBR the following week, and still I’m amazed at how many posts we’ve created over the year. There are so many that it’s hard to pick favorites, but here are a few anyway:

  • This Book Deserves 5 Stars: My very first post for the blog was a reflection of my feelings on star ratings, and it’s still true a year later.
  • Review of Truly, Devious series: I really enjoyed these books. As of this post I’d only read the first two, but I shared many of the things that made me look forward to reading the third.
  • Book Boyfriends: In honor of Valentine’s Day we wrote a post about some of our favorite boys from books. This one was a lot of fun to write!
  • Graphic Novels: My kids LOVE graphic novels. In this post, I listed a boatload of the graphic novels aimed at a Middle Grade audience that they, and many that I also, enjoy.
  • The Capsule Episode: I’m particularly proud of this one that we wrote early in the 2020 quarantine period. We wanted to do a post recap, and we did the obligatory Zoom call to discuss it. The result was this post that both reflects the time, and acts as a delightful snapshot of the blog to that date.

Do you have a favorite Infinite Distractions post? Or maybe you’ve also accomplished something you’re proud of this past year that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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