How do you decide what to read next? Do you have a very specific TBR or are you a mood reader? Are there phases for your reading pleasure?
I have a very long TBR list, but no strategy for how I will tackle it because I read based on my mood. Choosing a new book means asking myself, “hmmm what am I in the mood for right now?” So scientific, I know.  As a mood reader, I can flip flop from one genre to the next over and over, or I get on a kick and read multiple of the same types of books in a row. Right now, with the holidays coming up, I’m into feel-good romance novels. I want light, happy, slightly cheesy. In October, I wanted creepy vibes. What will January bring? No idea!
Part of me feels like I should be more methodical about my reads and plan something. But this is supposed to be fun, and the second I start putting limits and lists and schedules into reading, my output seems to slow dramatically. Apparently, I don’t like it when people try to tell me what to read. Even when I am the person trying to tell me what to read.
I read a lot this year, and based solely on mood my top three genre were fantasy (19 books), contemporary/modern fiction, which is a total catchall category (19 books), and romance (15 books). Part of me wants to be methodical in the new year and read more from genres I know I love, but for whatever reason don’t naturally gravitate towards based on mood. My fear is that things will start to feel like a chore.
Help me out! What method do you use to pick your next read? Do you schedule and plan or read for mood? 

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