This week’s TBR list is a fairly short one, to be completely honest. I have a lot going on these days, but I do have two audiobooks on the go at the moment.

First, I started listening to The Little Shop of Found Things (Found Things #1) by Paula Brackston. I will admit that I mostly grabbed this one because the blurb on Goodreads starts out with “A new series about a young woman whose connection to antiques takes her on a magical adventure, reminiscent of Outlander” and I happen to be a pretty big fan of the Outlander books. It started a little bit slow, but it has potential so I’m interested to see how it develops.

I also started a second audiobook, which is this month’s book club book: These Hollow Vows (Hollow Vows #1) by Lexi Ryan. It’s unusual for me to be listening to two audiobooks at the same time, but I will admit that I started to have FOMO because everyone from the book club was either done reading the book or had started it already and I was just coasting along thinking “I’ve got 3 more weeks before the meeting!” 😉 I’m actually already a little further along in this one than the other, so it will be interesting to see which one keeps calling my name to come back and pick it back up.

If I get through these two in the next couple of weeks, I also have a pretty meaty stack of physical books to pick from, and I also just downloaded If The Fates Allow which is a short story by Rainbow Rowell that’s a pandemic/lock-down romance! I mean…. C’mon, man.

Are you reading anything fun this week, or have you read any of the books on my TBR? Let’s chat about them in the comments!