How is it already Thursday, and time for my TBR??

This week, I have two books going – one physical and one audio.

I’m about halfway through What Unites Us by Dan Rather, which you will recognize as the book I claimed I would be finishing this past week… Well, as it turns out, each chapter is an individual essay focused on a specific topic. I am finding that as I finish each essay I close the book and mull over the story that’s just been shared, the focus of the chapter, and the amazing, long life Dan Rather has had. This isn’t a book I’m in a huge hurry to inhale – it’s a book meant to make you think and ponder, and I’m going to continue to do just that.

Meanwhile, I have finally started to listen to The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune. I actually added this book to my TBR last May when Jae and I watched a few of the digital Book Con panels – one of which featured T.J. Klune. Aubrie has already told you all the reasons she loved it, and she certainly hit the nail on the head of the types of fiction that I’m pretty much a sucker for. I’m only about 45 minutes into the story but I can already tell I’m going to enjoy it – I really like Klune’s writing style.

Finally, if things go well, I also received a notification that my turn is up for The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel Hauck. I’ve read one of her books before, so I know that her stories are easily consumable fluff – so basically, right up my ally these days 😉

Have you read any of my current TBR books? If, so what did you think of them? Any recommendations for my next-up?? Let me know in the comments!

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