This week my TBR stack is pretty small, to be honest.

I FINALLY received my Owl Crate Addie La Rue box – and it was wonderful! Now that I finally have my copy of the book, this weekend is welcome to be as cold and blustery as it wants to be. You’ll find me on my couch, in fluffy socks with some tea and the book. Like Aubrie, I’ve been following V. E. Schwab’s progress with writing this book and I’m super, super excited to have it in my hands!! (And when I’m done, it’s headed off to Jae, too! 😉

For my audiobooks I’ve gone head first into the Christmas/holiday themed books. This week I’m listening to Christmas at the Little Knitting Box by Helen J. Rolfe. In this one, Cleo is running a knit shop in the West Village (NYC) and meets handsome, divorced single-father Dylan and feels an instant connection due to their shared history of loss. I will admit that at about 50% through this book there is about 60% less knitting AND Christmas involved in the story than I was expecting, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but when you’re billing both knitting AND Christmas in your title… I’m just saying.

I also keep moving my Kindle between my bedside table and my sewing spot in the hopes I get my act together and actually read The Book of Longings at some point. I’m not sure if maybe now is just not the time for this one, or what the problem is that I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. At some point I will, so it’s still kind of on the back of my mind as being “on the list.”

I’m sure there will be another audiobook that sneaks in my TBR over the coming weeks, as well – but I’ve been letting Hoopla suggest them to me, so who knows WHAT gem will come up next, there. 😉

Do you have any fluffy, fun audiobook recommendations you think I should consider? Have you read Addie La Rue or maybe even Christmas at the Little Knitting Box, yet? Let me know what you thought – no spoilers, please! – in the comments!

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