The last few weeks have been better for my reading, where I’m finishing more than one of the books on my TBR each week! Fall is my favorite time of year for reading – it’s getting dark earlier, weekends are cozy and meant for curling up on the couch with a book… So let’s see if I can continue with that trend, shall we??

Here’s what I’ve got on the short list over the next few weeks:

I’m currently listening to Herbs and Homecomings (Fairweather Falls Book 1) by H C de Cossy. I will admit this one was 100% an “oooh, that cover, though” borrow, and I didn’t even look to see that it only has ONE review on Goodreads. So far, it’s honestly not great, but it’s interesting enough to keep me engaged so I’ll probably finish it.

Also on the audiobook docket, I downloaded The Wizard’s Butler (The Wizard’s Butler #1) by Nathan Lowell with one of my Audible credits. He got me with the world’s shortest blurb:

“For five grand a month and a million dollar chaser, Roger Mulligan didn’t care how crazy the old geezer is. All he had to do was keep Joseph Perry Shackleford alive and keep him from squandering the estate for a year.

They didn’t tell him about the pixies.”

I’ll report back on this one.

Finally (because let’s not get TOO crazy, Amy) I also grabbed Aubrie’s copy of Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid from Jae, who already finished it because she’s the most voracious reader I know 😉

Thoughts? Opinions? What’s on YOUR TBR this week? Tell us all about it in the comments, below!

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