Is that a picture of SOME of the books I own but have yet to read? Yes.

Am I going to read one of those books next? Ehhhhh?

I have a confession: I don’t really have a solid TBR. I have these piles of books in many places. And I don’t have a plan for when to read them. I pick willy nilly. Or I acquire yet another book and it jumps to the top of the line. Or I renew my library book for the tenth time. There really is no telling what I’m going to do next.

Yesterday I finished our next book club read (yay) and today, rather than read any of these perfectly intriguing books, I find myself wanting to buy a copy of Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy. Why? I read it and loved it in high school and the movie has Alan Cumming and reading his memoir reminded me of the movie which reminded me of the book. Which also reminded me I loved that book when I read it back then. And loved it upon second reading in my late 20s. And third reading in my 30s.

So you see, THIS is how my TBR goes. In random order. With picks coming out of nowhere.

Does anyone out there actually stick to a tbr? Jae? Amy? Do you? 


  • At BEST my TBR posts are what I *THINK* I am going to read next (or what I’m actively reading). My actual TBR list (like… “eventually would like to”) would exceed the post limit LOL

    I’m 100% a mood reader – so I get you, girl.

    • I don’t understand people with plans and actual lists that they stick to. Glad I’m not the only one that can’t do that! Maybe it is because if I make a true list or schedule, it reminds me too much of a course syllabus and my brain revolts against required reading!

  • My Goodreads TBR and my bookshelves are very “I hope I someday get to read all of these.” My TBR posts are only what I have literally already downloaded (i.e. interested enough in it to want to listen soon) or books I have placed on my nightstand which I’m actually planning to read over the next three weeks. Most of the time I actually read everything (or sometimes almost everything) on the lists I post within that three week time, which is why you don’t see repeats on my TBR posts. However, just like anyone else, there are times when I run out of time on a library borrow, or I start one and decide I just don’t want to read it. So to answer your question, yes I do mostly stick to my TBRs that I post on the blog here, but only because those are my “circle of friends” books — the books that I got because I’m planning to read them immediately. Does that help?

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