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As you know from prior book club TBR posts, our book club chooses by consensus. Each month we bring suggestions and decide together what we’re going to read next. For our July pick, we had three potentials on the table that all involved some kind of witchy powers. The one about kids with powers was darker, and much longer, so we discarded that option. To decide between the two that were left, one about a secret witch, one about a girl reading tarot at a Catholic school, we ended up flipping a coin.

Our book club pick for July 2022 is All Our Hidden Gifts by Caroline O’Donoghue.

From Goodreads:

Maeve’s strangely astute tarot readings make her the talk of the school, until a classmate draws a chilling and unfamiliar card—and then disappears.

After Maeve finds a pack of tarot cards while cleaning out a closet during her in-school suspension, she quickly becomes the most sought-after diviner at St. Bernadette’s Catholic school. But when Maeve’s ex–best friend, Lily, draws an unsettling card called The Housekeeper that Maeve has never seen before, the session devolves into a heated argument that ends with Maeve wishing aloud that Lily would disappear. When Lily isn’t at school the next Monday, Maeve learns her ex-friend has vanished without a trace.

Shunned by her classmates and struggling to preserve a fledgling romance with Lily’s gender-fluid sibling, Roe, Maeve must dig deep into her connection with the cards to search for clues the police cannot find—even if they lead to the terrifying Housekeeper herself. Set in an Irish town where the church’s tight hold has loosened and new freedoms are trying to take root, this sharply contemporary story is witty, gripping, and tinged with mysticism.”

If want to come along for a (probably) witchy book set in an Irish Catholic school, read along with us this month! We’d love to hear your thoughts when we post the wrap-up following our July book club meeting.

Photo of tarot cards by Petr Sidorov on Unsplash

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