My TBR in the coming weeks is probably going to be fairly fluid and ever-changing, since I DID ask for a few books from Santa. 😉 


I’m currently listening to The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, which was mentioned in my previous TBR. Now that I’m about an hour into the story, I know a little bit more. The midnight library is located between life and death, and contains the stories of all the myriad ways your life could have gone, depending on the choices you made. Nora feels unimportant and forgotten about, and so she spends her time in the Library selecting possible lives, and giving them a try. It’s definitely not the lighthearted fare I’ve been consuming, but it’s beautifully written and so far I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

I also received the first book of Christmas last night from my dad (my mom saw it and said, “I wondered why you didn’t ask for that one…” Ha!), which is A Promised Land by Barack Obama. I’m not going to lie, this book is a big boy, and may sit on the shelf a teeny bit longer, but it’s on the list of books I want to tackle in the new year, for sure.

I’m also HOPING Santa is bringing me one or two additional books – and if he does, it is going to be a new year of non-fiction to start 2021. I’ll keep you posted in my 2021 reviews and TBRs.

Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate!

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