I’ve got a few books on the go, currently, and another one that’s on-deck. Here’s the 411 for this week:

I Temporarily Do (Cordially Invited #1) by Ellie Cahill and Liz Czukas is probably exactly what it sounds like. 😉 This one was described as a rom-com where undergrad-roommates headed off to the same university for grad school find themselves in a situation where their best option is to get temporarily hitched in order to make use of Beckett’s married-student-housing when his fiancé calls things off. I’m about 70% of the way through this one and the only ones who don’t know that Elly and Beckett are going to stay hitched in a more real way are the two of them. 😉

I’ve also started reading Here’s To Us (What If It’s Us #2) by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. I listened to What If It’s Us a few years ago (I distinctly recall milling about the Ikea Christmas displays while listening to the end of the story) and love that Ben and Arthur are back in each other’s orbits – because you never know. What if it is meant to be, and was just the wrong time that first time?

Finally, I plan to start The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake, which you may recall is our Book Club read for April. I’m hoping for good things with this month’s read – it certainly sounds promising!

What are you reading over the next few weeks? Are any of my current reads on your own TBR, or recently read list? Let’s chat about them in the comments, below!

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