This week’s TBR is a fairly short one, but I’m excited about the books on the list!

I’m currently listening to In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren, which is sort of a Christmas version of Groundhog Day – except instead of learning how not to be a jerk, the heroine of this one is supposed to figure out what is going to make her happy. When the story starts, Mae and her family are at a cabin in Salt Lake City where they go every Christmas. After an ill-advised make out session with one of her oldest friends, the families find out that this is likely to be their last Christmas together, since the owners of the cabin are selling it. Everything is awkward and terrible as Mae and her family load into their car to head home – only to end up in a terrible car accident. The next thing Mae knows, she’s waking up on the flight to Utah, and it’s 6 days before the accident. It’s a great trope, and it’s loaded full of Christmas, so I’m excited to see how it turns out!

Next up is what is likely to be my last Christmas book of the season, The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss. With three weeks until Christmas, Kate agrees to do a series of twelve blind dates meant to help singles find love before Christmas. The blurb or this one telegraphs where the story is heading one million percent, but the story still sounds cute and fluffy and exactly the kind of read I’ve been gravitating towards at the end of this year of strangeness.

Finally, I picked up The Midnight Library by Matt Haig from Audible with one of my credits. This is a book I keep seeing show up on various FB groups, Instagram feeds and YouTube videos and it piqued my interest. The concept is so fascinating – basically, Nora finds herself at the midnight library where she can either continue with her life, or exchange it for a version of her own story, diverged from the one she’s living. I am so, so hoping that this story does what I’m hoping it will because the concept is great!! Hopefully I’ll be back with a review of this one when we meet again in 2021.

What’s on your list of books to finish reading before 2020 comes to an end? Even though I said I think I have the last Christmas read accounted for, I’m also still open to suggestions! Let me know what you’re reading, or if you have any comments on the books on my list!

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