I’ve been distressingly AWOL from the site the last few weeks. The truth is, I haven’t done much reading (or listening) for the last month for a variety of reasons.


I do have a few books on the go this week, so I wanted to get a post up as “proof of life” if nothing else 😉

I’m currently listening to Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews. The Goodreads reviews tell me this isn’t a fan-favorite among Mary Kay Andrews fans, but I’ve been enjoying it, so far. In this story, a woman who works in the film industry stumbles on a small town that she selects as the shooting location for a feature film and ends up getting into a war of wills with the attractive mayor over whether or not his run-down “casino” is a landmark or an eye sore that the film people can easily destroy as part of their movie, or whether they’ll fall in love the city will eventually get enough grants to turn it into a city center.

I also downloaded our next Book Club read, All Our Hidden Gifts by Caroline O’Donoghue. You can find out more about that book either over on GoodReads or in our TBR post from last week.

Finally, I was standing in line at Target a week or so ago and someone had discarded a copy of The Family You Make by Jill Shalvis on a stack of girls’ shorts. As you do. Also as you do, I picked it up and skimmed the back and it’s totally a “fake dating” trope romance novel and I’m 100% here for THAT, so I added it to my cart. I’ll get to it eventually, and I’m sure the “thought we were going to die and then we didn’t but I told my mom I was with the love of my life and now we have to fake it so she’s not heartbroken” story will make it into the rotation soon. 😉

What are you reading this week? Do you have any thoughts about any of the books in my TBR? Let’s chat about it in the comments!!

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