Have you missed a few of our weekly posts? No worries. Instead of your regularly scheduled TBR Thursday, today we’re bringing you a capsule episode full of flashbacks and fun commentary!

[Fade in on computer screen where three faces seem to be enjoying a video conference. Sure, you want to see a big, beautiful set, but in these times of self-isolation we can’t really all be in a living room together, now can we?]

[Theme music and applause from the ‘live studio audience’ fades out. Obviously there’s no actual audience. Just trying to build the drama here.]

Aubrie: Okay, ladies. I finally read Crawdads.

Amy: I loved that book!

Aubrie: I know. I feel bad about this, but I… didn’t.

Amy: I get it. We can’t always love everything our friends recommend. Remember when I tried to read Nevernight the first time?

Jaelithe: How could I forget?

[Amy and Jaelithe laugh. Amy because the beginning of that book was a struggle for her. Jaelithe to fill the hole in her heart because not everyone loves Nevernight as much as she does. Just kidding. Or am I?]

Jaelithe: But, no matter how you felt, that’s one of the series that will always have a special place in my heart. 

Aubrie: Just the one?

Jaelithe: Oh, I’ve got loads of special places in my heart, as you know based on all the books I loved in 2019.

Amy: I read tons of great books last year, too!

Aubrie: Me three. In fact, I have so many books after my delightful trip to The Book Loft. Since this year is so crazy I shared a bunch with another friend who needed some TLC in her time of self-isolation.

Jaelithe: No Dickens, though, right?

Aubrie: <chuckling> Goodness, no.

[More laughter. This time, all three are laughing because of various thoughts on Dickens. At least one of these thoughts is a pun on his name.]

Amy: Dickens can be great, but also dry. Sometimes you just need a light read.

Aubrie: Totes! Maybe one with delightful characters who you can fall in love with.

Amy: I hear you! When I was looking for a light read at the end of last year, I got really hooked on Christmas romances for a while.

Aubrie: Yes! Light reads can impart life lessons, too. I realized I learned a bunch of lessons from one of my favorite childhood classics, Charlotte’s Web.

Jaelithe: Yes! That’s how I felt about the Once Upon a Con series. Light reads, but with lots to say.

Amy: We’ve all read a lot of great stuff in the past few months.

Aubrie: This is making me want to go read a good book right now.

Jaelithe: Me too! It was great chatting with everyone, but I think my TBR stack might be calling…

Amy: <giggling> You said DICKens.

[Fade out to the sound of Amy’s giggles.]

Hope you enjoyed our capsule episode. What are you reading and enjoying right now? Please let us know in the comments!

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